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Restaurant Loyalty Programs: Power in Pooling


First, three scenes from the loyalty frontier, “pooled” division: i.e., single programs that promote multiple restaurant brands, even if each brand keeps its own measures and rewards of loyalty.

Harry owns three burrito QSRs in the suburbs of San …

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Surveying the Loyalty Landscape


We chose a hot topic—loyalty programs—for the second issue of Restaurant Technology Magazine. After all, aren’t loyal, regular customers the holy grail of brick-and-mortar, storefront businesses like restaurants? Their dependability is what counteracts the risk of opening your doors every …

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Using Loyalty Programs to Donate to Charity


Sometimes a discount is not enough to convert occasional customers into frequent purchasers. Operators are finding it helps to offer an additional benefit besides savings. For some, that means tapping into people’s desire to do good.

Technology vendors have been …

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Beyond Pizza, Online Ordering Catches On


Via website and mobile app, online orders are being trialed and picking up steam in fast casual segments.

The PizzaNet hub debuted in 1994

Contrary to popular belief, online ordering goes all the way back to the dawn of consumer …

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“Mobile” Payment is Really DIY Payment


paypalPayPal is running myCheck’s DIY payment system under the hood, once users choose the restaurant category as opposed to other retail establishments.

Diners — and even some restaurant operators — can be forgiven for being a tad confused around the …

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