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How Conscious Eating is Transforming the Food Industry

Nutrition For restaurants seeking to gain a competitive advantage, catering to the explosion of customers who are becoming conscious of what they are eating is a great way forward. With new wearable technology and the rapidly growing trend of tracking of personal health, consumers are begging the restaurant industry for meal data. Millennials are a [...]

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Pros & Cons of Closing Your Ice Cream Shop for Winter

When subzero temperatures start creeping in, ice cream shops tend to see less and less customers walking through the door. So, here’s the big question many ice cream businesses are asking: Should I stay open this winter? When it comes down to it, we can’t tell you whether to stay open or not. It all [...]

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pt.1 How to Build a Great FOH Team

The restaurant industry is more competitive and challenging than ever before. Rent and labor costs have skyrocketed. There are over one million food and beverage outlets in the U.S., and delivery only restaurants, lowering grocery prices, and direct-to-consumer meal services make this one of the most difficult times for restaurant operators. With social media, consumers [...]

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5 Ways for Restaurants to Drastically Increase Website Traffic

The rise of the Internet has changed the game of marketing. While TV and radio ads may have worked back in the day, the ROI on both channels is hard to trace, and is becoming smaller and smaller over time as fewer people use both channels. To succeed as a restaurant in 2017, you need [...]

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The Impact of Mobility on Restaurant Operations

Today’s restaurant patrons are much better informed of their available choices, and thus have become increasingly demanding. One of the biggest contributors to the evolution of what’s often referred to as “Consumer 2.0” has been the adoption and use of mobile devices. It’s hard to believe that merely 10 years ago the first smartphone, as [...]

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Business Catering 101: The Art of Serving Corporate Customers

By Victoria Brady, vice president of caterer partnerships, ezCater   Food has long held its rank in the business setting. Increasingly, however, companies are moving beyond taking a decision maker out for a nice meal and are choosing to bring food into the office for a multitude of reasons. From pharmaceutical sales reps looking to [...]

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Do You Know How to Improve Your Customer Service?

By Kathryn Casna You know how important your customers are: Without them, you might as well close your doors and never open them back up. And you know that keeping your customers is even more important that recruiting new ones. But the only way to cultivate those clients, to keep them coming back year after [...]

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7 Clever Ways to Cut Down Food Waste in Your Restaurant

It’s the frustrating reality of many restaurants: notoriously low profit margins paired with high amounts of food waste. With around 60 percent of restaurants going out of business within their first year restaurateurs should have an eye on their food waste from day one if they want to maximize potential profits. To increase your chances [...]

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