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4 Ways to Design a Mystery Shopping Program With Measurable Results

Believe it or not, the mystery shopping industry broke $600 million in revenue a few years back. There are now over 400 companies in the US alone that deliver mystery shops. With so many programs available, it’s likely that you have tried installing one at your restaurants. You might have even seen the beginnings of [...]

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How to Use Data to Create Loyal Customers Like Chipotle

One example I like to use when talking about customer engagement with restaurant owners is Chipotle. By operating as a fast casual brand that promotes a healthy and fresh eating style while also only using animals that are humanely raised, Chipotle has captured the attention of countless young people who strive to be healthy, but [...]

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The 5 Immediate Actions to Take During a Food Recall

There is nothing like scrolling through your email when, suddenly, you’re stopped in your tracks. There, in a message ominously marked “URGENT” are those dreaded words: Product recall. Immediately you reach for your phone. As a food safety professional, there’s no time to delay. You must assemble your team and stop the issue before it [...]

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How to Build a Great FOH Team pt.3

In our previous articles pt.1 and pt.2, we spoke on hiring the right staff members and how to implement the right systems and processes to get the most out of your FOH team. In this we’ll discuss how to communicate these expectations to your team, and how to assess whether they are continuously executed by every [...]

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Inspiring Women Making Their Mark on the Tech World

When people talk about the tech industry, what they often talk about is the gender divide: Men hold many of the leadership positions, while women still struggle to hold their own in this long male-dominated profession. But that narrative ignores the many millions of women who work in tech—in computer training, biotechnology, data processing, wireless [...]

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How to Build a Great FOH Team pt. 2

In our previous post, How to Build a Great FOH Team, we talked about how to hire the right staff members to build a strong service team. In this post, we are going to talk about how to implement the right systems and processes to get the most out of service teams. Restaurants are often [...]

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How the Lack of Food Cost Transparency is Hurting the Restaurant Industry

Much of the innovation in the restaurant industry has been focused on the end consumer experience; there are apps for making reservations, discovering new establishments, soliciting feedback, and paying with a smartphone, for example. The back of the house has been largely ignored despite the significant pain points faced by operators. The one area that [...]

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Tips For Restaurant Owners To Beat The Competition

Is there a restaurant in your neighborhood that offers you a strong competition? Does it serve similar menu almost at the same price? Now, this seems as a threat to your business, especially when you notice some of your customers already visiting them. If you don’t have big money to invest in different advertising campaigns [...]

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