Running a restaurant or bar is a lot more than just cooking the right food and mixing up the right drinks. Restaurant owners and managers should be able to effectively market their offerings to attract customers, manage employees, and should have an in-depth business understanding.

Being business savvy is critical to be successful within the restaurant industry, but with so much going on it can be hard to keep up. Luckily, there are tools to help no matter if you are a brand new business owner or a seasoned CEO.

How many times have you taken clients out for lunch or grabbed a bite away on business? Probably countless. Dealing with expenses, keeping track of crumpled receipts and expense reports can feel like a job in itself.


Simplify Expenses

SPENT helps you automate your expenses and reward you for doing so. That means no more expense reports. Ever. Here at SPENT we do them for you. Our interactive home screen pulls all you recent transactions and expenses in an easy to use interface that allows you to swipe an expense right for business and left for personal. Once an expense is dropped into a business folder, tap to select an approver for that specific folder. From now on, anytime an expense is submitted into this folder, your approver will be notified and able to reimburse you fast and easy.

SPENT connects your expenses and your life with cashback. We work with over 900,000 hotels, 229 airlines and all major car rental companies to offer 6% cashback on travel. That means when you book your business travel, you can keep the cashback and use SPENT to easily get reimbursed.

Spent works with thousands of restaurants across the U.S with more exciting national brands coming soon! We offer up to 25% cashback on your meal. All you have to do is connecting your card to SPENT and our card-linking technology recognizes any activity at a part location and ones your card is swiped at the restaurant you’ll receive an instant notification that your cashback is on it’s way.


We spoke with the CEO from SPENT to find out how exactly SPENT is helping restaurant industry owners and managers simplify their operations. Here’s what he had to say.

SPENT is now breaking into the restaurant industry, and their knowledge and expertise from current clients will be a large benefit to you when you utilize this application. They have the data of the total spending from current clients, which includes competitors, and they can enable targeting performance based cashback offers constructed around that information. SPENT also provide cross-marketing between merchants. They make the correlation between touch points e.g Uber, flights, hotel.

The future of SPENT is bright. They intend to build a community for users- like Facebook but within the SPENT audience. Users can connect and interact with one another, see what other professionals have consumed and make new business connections. They are also thinking about adding mobile payments. One app that makes the expenditure process, fast, simple and easy. Their goal is to connect spending data, merchants and people.