Increasing Communication Between Restaurant Managers and Employees

Communication is key to success within a restaurant. Creating good, open communication between managers and employees will help to create a more focused and positive workplace. Here are some tips on increasing communication between managers and employees.

Utilize an open door policy

An open door policy means that a manager’s door is always open for communication. This policy makes employees more comfortable with approaching and speaking to managers.

Provide feedback

Feedback lets employees know how they are doing. Providing consistent feedback and coaching lets staff members know that you are taking an actual interest in them and care about them on an individual level. Remember, when coaching it is important to both document and share these updates with fellow managers. Utilizing logbooks or management software can help managers better track what happens with their staff.

Hold staff meetings

The best way to avoid miscommunications and ensure everyone on staff is on the same page is to hold regular staff meetings. Implementing scheduled meetings, or shift check-ins ensures everyone is getting the same updates, which will inevitably help to increase customer satisfaction.

Publically recognize staff

The majority of employees want to know how they are doing at work, especially if they are doing well. By publically recognizing employees managers improve team morale and give individual employees a boost. By making an employee feel good about their performance they are most likely to continue the positive behaviors.

Implement communication tools

Today, there is an app for everything. Communicating with employees via mobile apps is gaining popularity within restaurants. There is a number of communication tools that can help keep everyone on the same page regarding shift times, shift trades, or any important changes employees may need to know.

Now that the majority of restaurant employees are millennials, updated communication tools and resources could have a major impact on the success of a restaurant. Improving communication between managers and employees will build morale and create a more positive work environment. When your staff is engaged and feeling good it is noticeable in a restaurant and will create a better customer experience.