Today mobile apps are equal to what websites used to be back in the 2000s. In the process of providing good user experience, every business tried to lead the race. This case applies the same to mobile apps as well.  A Yahoo report says that on an average, users spend nearly 90% of their time on mobile apps more than a mobile website.

Nevertheless, this is one side of the story. The other side is something completely contrary to what the previous report had stated. According to a study done by Google, 25% of downloaded apps are not even used once and 26% are boycotted just after first-time use.

Wondering what makes users take this kind of action?

Well, if you ask someone this question, the very common answer you will get is poor user experience. But a lot comes under that single term. Other reasons probably include poor UX, slow performance, too many ads or push notifications, etc.

How to solve this problem?

Finding the actual problem is one thing and acting to eliminate is another. In order to act perfectly before your competition does, here are a few helpful tips that can help you in making your customers happy while using your mobile app.


  1. Beginning the journey

You have a great start up plan that will surely land you in the middle of some of the big players of the Silicon hub. Yet you know that even excellent ideas need a uniformed avenue to accomplish its ‘excellence’. Before you jump ahead, make sure that you have a run through of all the viable consequences in the near future or in the long perspective.

After doing the complete research and analysis, you will have to take your next step – planning a process. The reason why proper research is necessary is because you need to perfectly use the same facts and figures to bend your app according to the user’s satisfaction.

  1. While planning

At this stage, you will have to use every little thing you have gathered in the above step. Maintain the paperwork and inspected plans that you have saved in your brain. Now is the time to know about your competition, keeping your niche audience and tastes in mind. Ensure you provide all those features that your peers are not able to offer currently.

At the same time, you also have to have a perfect mobile app development company that has deep expertise in offering unmatched mobile app solutions. This could take a bit of time since you need to go through the digital world and find an outstanding smartphone app development company out of a million random companies.

This is an essential step because you have to find an impeccable IT team who love to work and share the same passion just like you.

  1. During designing and development of the app

Never ever think that handing over your work to mobile app development company will be the end of it. You will have to discuss your complete plan with them and then figure out what best suits your requirements.

Based on your business needs and requirements, the team will develop the wireframe for your mobile app and once it is ready, they will move forward to the other steps of designing and keeping your niche audience in mind. This is an important step as this will build a better user interface and ultimately provide a better user experience.

Just to be on the safe side, you can ask your development team to keep you posted on periodical manners so that you can discuss the project development and make appropriate decisions for later stages.

  1. Time for Marketing


Actually, marketing can be done in two ways. One is pre-launch and the other is post-launch. Since you are at the inception stage, you need to begin your digital presence on various social media marketing platforms depending on the type of your audience. You can share your sample mobile app screenshots and videos to lure them. In addition, you can share short stories pertaining to your mobile app and slowly, you can take them to your app’s home page.

Coming to post-launch marketing, you can repeat the above steps and improve your audience attraction towards you.

  1. The story continues

The process never actually comes to an end. Building an app is only one side of the coin. Maintaining it after launching is the flip side of the coin. You need to make sure your app is free from bugs and errors, you respond to your customer feedback and queries, etc.

Simultaneously, studying the industry and market pattern, user expectations, and response in regards to app experience also should be taken care of.

Final thoughts

There are analytical tools such as Google Alerts which can assist you in analyzing and understanding how and what your customers think about your mobile app. As a mobile owner, offering exceptional user experience is the need for your company to survive. Without the successful execution of the same, your business may have to witness some troubles and hurdles in order to sustain in today’s competitive digital world.

You may not succeed at your very first attempt or may not reach your users’ expectations but do not worry. As you keep trying and improving your app features and functionalities, of course, you will succeed. All you need is a good mobile app development team that equally passionate just as you.