Instagram has made waves within the social media world and is now infiltrating business practices and advertising techniques. Is your restaurant taking advantage of this form of free marketing?!  Here are 9 tips to follow when building your business’ account.


Apparently, there is a science behind the social media phenomenon of the 21st century, especially for business owners. For anyone who has been to a restaurant in the past few years has noticed a friend or another guest taking out a cellphone to snap a picture of their entree before they even take a bite. This trend had driven managers to create Instagram accounts personalized for their restaurant, retail or business operation. However, beware restaurateurs, there is a right and wrong way of taking advantage of this platform.


1. Take QUALITY photos for your restaurant’s Instagram, the difference between a successful account and one that is lackluster is the how well you take pictures.

2. Make Instagram a DAILY habit. Consistency drives visitors.

3. Did you know that orange and red photos are more likely to get engagement? Also, try to stay away from your blue menu items, for they are the least likely color to generate engagement.

4. “The Rule of Thirds”: The subject (food) of your photo should take up about 1/3 of the frame.

5. Shoot plates from above, and don’t use a white background. Make it look casual, like a lifestyle photo.

6. Use #hashtags, but not complicated one’s like #cantbelieveitsalreadymonday, instead, keep it simple using tags like #chicago or #burger. You can jump on trending hashtags such as #throwbackthursday to gain more attention from your followers.

7. Instagram filters are there for a reason– more people are attracted to Ludwig & Amaro filtered images than some of the other options. Test it out!

8. Converse via. Instagram with non-competing businesses in your area to gain authority and community recognition

9. Post at the right time!! Early morning and mid-evening seem to prove as the best hours for Instagram scrolling.

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