Do you know that Pizza Hut is the first pizza chain to take order over the internet? Fascinating as always, Pizza Hut is now one of the biggest pizza chain in the world, serving mouth-watering delicacies to millions of people each day, in almost all the nations across the globe. As pioneer in the F and B sector, Pizza Hut has successfully been able to embark an impactful presence in the global market with its high quality offerings, exclusive discounts and ever intriguing on time home delivery.

From being a thought, to getting actuated as a restaurant, one of its kind, to now being a brand famous all through the globe; that is the kind of journey Pizza Hut has been up to. And so far, so good. With technological renditions happening on a regular basis, a brand such as Pizza hut is also seeking to make the best use of it to offer even better service. After tasting success with their online delivery system, Pizza Hut has also been able to cater to the needs of millions of people by tapping the potential of quality Mobile Marketing. Further ahead in this blog, I’d take you through some details about the Pizza Hut’s food ordering Mobile application, also talk a bit about the app functionality, ease of access, app updates, payment modes and the overall process of placing an order via the same.

To familiarise you a bit with the UI, I have included some screenshots of different instances from the Pizza Hut mobile app. When you download the app and start off with your session, you will see similar screens all the way until you are done placing a successful order, when you will also be notified with an SMS alert confirming your order placement.87

App Interface:
The Pizza Hut mobile app came to existence 7 years from now. And ever since it has just been getting better and better. With free applications available for both major mobile platforms i.e. Android and iOS, Pizza Hut has been able to amplify their sales big time. The current version of the app for App store is Version 4.2. Similarly, the latest version for Google Play store is 5.0. The app downloads range between 1000000 and 5000000 as per google play store and is quite familiar among the food frenzy people.

Placing an Order:

Placing an order via the app had never been any easier. All you need to do is place your login details once and thereafter, each time you wish to use the app your data will be fetched automatically and you will be directly taken to the menu where you may begin adding items to your cart.
By simply swiping your screen you are able to shuffle between various items available in the menu. And finally once you are done adding items to your cart, you reach the final page of choosing the payment option.


Payment Modes:

Pizza Hut offers multiple payment options. You can always opt for the cash on delivery. But if not that, you also get to choose other payment modes such as payment via e-wallets such as Paytm, or via Net Banking, etc. Don’t forget to make use of the exclusive coupon codes they come up with on a timely basis!

And in case you aren’t satisfied yet, well, then it’s all up to you. You need to take some effort to download the application and make use of it personally to understand how easy it is to place an order via it. Not to mention, you save time and effort and even some quality internet data consumption. With this, I would like to conclude this blog and would request to drop a feedback about this food ordering app, genuinely. Feedbacks are always helpful with bug fixes, thereby serving the needs of end customers like you and me even better.

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