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Securing vendors for your restaurant is one of the most important tasks, as it will help you establish a long-term relationship with them.

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Having the knowledge of how much your food costs you to sell is critical to running a successful operation. Your food cost percentage should be utilized as a preemptive tool to warn you of potential theft, waste, and inefficiencies.

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People that manage a restaurant or planning to open one should aim to make their restaurant one of the most talked about in the area. However, their dream of hitting it big may fall short if they don’t know the tips and tricks to manage the food costs.

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Feeling the profit squeeze? If you’re paying attention, you are. Between rising food costs, pressure on minimum wages, and healthcare insurance mandates, restaurant operators have a harder job than ever getting to black at the end of the month.

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Do you really need to put six rolls out on each table? LeanPath is a software and hardware solution aimed at showing food service operators precisely how much product goes to waste, both pre- and post-consumer. The LeanPath scale and camera platform is the last stop made by spoiled, expired, trimmed or overproduced food before it’s tossed. As it’s weighed, kitchen staff classifies the waste and checks off the reason for disposal in LeanPath software, which runs on a stainless-steel-enclosed, attached tablet. With dollar values assigned to different foodstuffs, the operator gets a clear picture of the poundage and the costs of discarded meats, produce, breads, etc; what day parts generate the most waste, and even why. The online analytics are organized to make it easy to spot waste reduction opportunities; keep more material out of landfills, and reduce food costs. (According to the company, that’s a two-to-six-percent reduction).

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