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Leave it to a former employee of HotWire (Ryan Jones, co-founder) to come up with an app that helps restaurants occupy their chefs during downtimes. Go Dish app users get a daily list of 10-25 meal deals from participating restaurants. These meals, all to go, are dynamically priced based on off-peak day part. The further from push time the customer agrees to pick them up, the lower the price.

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Contrary to popular belief, online ordering goes all the way back to the dawn of consumer Internet access. Pizza Hut launched its PizzaNet hub in 1994. Today, not only does the chain invite customers to order up pies via Android, iPad, iPhone and Windows Phone; you can summon delivery from your Xbox 360.

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Manager Geoff Alexander’s inspiration to adopt self-service kiosk technology came to him when he went to vote in the 2008 election. “…So I walked over to the machine and I thought wow, this is really easy. This would be a great thing for Wow Bao.”

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Designated office mom Gloria unpins the takeout menu du jour from the lunchroom bulletin board. She makes a copy, attaches the office routing sticker and sees that it gets to everyone who typically orders lunch from Sal’s Deli or Lotus House.

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