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Corner Bakery Cafe tasked Rockfish Interactive (, a digital marketing agency based in Rogers, Ark., with bringing its character and menu to life in the digital space through a website redesign. It had to make users hungry and give them instant means to satisfy their cravings through in-person visits and online ordering. The digital experience that resulted reflects the brand in presenting fresh, ingredient-inspired food, unique menu combinations and friendly neighborhood service.

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Restaurant marketers who use Facebook might assume that everyone who “likes” their concept will receive all their posts and respond to their offers. But this is not the case; as Facebook has grown, it has stopped making every post automatically appear at or near the top of every follower’s News Feed. Instead, it has instituted “promoted” posts, which ensure that the right audience sees your announcements and promotions, for a fee.

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A combination of online ordering portals, GPS location, field service apps and smart phonepacking drivers—most of them independent contractors—take the hassle of in-house delivery off the shoulders of restaurant operators.

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The iPourIt device frees up your bartender to mix drinks while Joe and Jill Average Customer pour their own beers. What??? Well, first you give them a special bracelet: one with an RFID chip that’s read by a beer tap add-on before the beverage flows.

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