Implementing strict compliance to proper employee dress code can be daunting and expensive. Especially if a business is still struggling to make a profit but deemed vital since it can effectively boost sales and enhance the image of a restaurant in the long run.

Uniform or No Uniform?

According to the Textile Rental Service Association of America or TRSA, the majority of customers have a strong preference for employee uniforms in fine dining and fast food restaurants.

It is probably because wearing a uniform signifies professionalism and competency. Moreover, it leaves a favorable impression and compensates the additional expenses like the service charge customers pay when they dine in.

Benefits of Wearing a Restaurant uniform


Aside from the benefits of wearing proper dress code in ameliorating the image of a brand, there are more reasons why it is imperative in the workplace.

  1. Prevents confusion

Uniforms will help customers easily distinguish employees and save them the trouble of finding who’s who. By knowing the right person to approach, diners can feel more comfortable and at ease.

  1. Save time and energy

Looking for the right clothing can be time-consuming and costly. In addition to this, buying new clothes every once in a while to look presentable at work can add to the financial distress of the personnel. Providing perks like a free uniform can make life easier for staff since they no longer have to worry about their outfit every day.

  1. Increase sense of belongingness

Standard clothing in a workplace can elicit a feeling of commonness, which can be hard to achieve if employees have to wear their clothes. Furthermore, it prevents competition and promotes unity.

  1. Professional Representation

It’s unlikely to see a server wearing a t-shirt and pants in a fine dining restaurant. Typically, they are required to wear men’s suits and trousers to maintain the fancy ambiance of the place. Professional brand representation through high-quality service and proper grooming is essential to lock in patrons.

  1. Improve customer confidence

Customers tend to regard employees in uniform as someone dependable. Decent clothing in restaurants makes the crew look courteous, trustworthy and competent.

Different types of Uniform


The types of uniform for employees depends on the restaurant setting. A formal outfit such as coat and trousers are the clothing of choice for high-end restaurants, while non iron dress shirts and pants can serve as uniform in fast food chains. Chefs and cooks are also required to wear proper work wear such as black pants, slip-resistant shoes, chef coats, and aprons to maintain the cleanliness of the food.

It’s quite bothersome to eat in a place with dirty walls or tables, and people may feel hesitant to indulge a food served by a crew with poor hygiene. Hence, it goes to show that the appearance of a restaurant, as well as its staff, significantly affect how customers perceive it.