Is there a restaurant in your neighborhood that offers you a strong competition? Does it serve similar menu almost at the same price? Now, this seems as a threat to your business, especially when you notice some of your customers already visiting them.

If you don’t have big money to invest in different advertising campaigns then things can get difficult for you. So now the question arises like how can you stay in the competition and gain back your customers! For this, you need to do a few things-

Analyze the competition

People love new things and getting attracted towards a new restaurant is not at all an exception! Whenever a new business blooms near you, it is very common that you will experience a dip in yours. If it lasts for more than a few weeks then it is time that you work on a way to improve your condition. You should come up with some advertising tactics as well as check your menu with that of your competitor’s. Coming up with some promotions as well as including some special dishes in your menu is one idea. This is the time you check the price on the menu and make sure that they are fair, and good to go.

Get feedback from your customers

One of the important benefits of asking feedback is that it helps the restaurant to know where they are lacking and carry out the damage control on time. It also helps you know where you are doing well.

You can collect customer feedback by making use of customer comment cards. Customers can make use of the comment cards to offer you with some suggestions as well as praise your food and service. It is possible that you may receive some criticism but, the amount of positive feedback you will receive, will help to boost you and your team’s moral.

Building a social media presence


There is no doubt that most of your customers will be on one or the other social media platforms. So planning out a small reminder now and then will help them to know that you are doing great and still around. Carrying out regular social media campaigns will help you to create better selling opportunities. Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Flickr, etc. are the few to name. The best thing is that it only requires to invest just a few hours a week and you are done. Moreover, being present on the social media platform lets you follow your competitors and know more about them.

Improve sales through servers

One of the critical elements in the restaurant business is customer service. If your customers are happy, they will come back again and order more dishes. So keeping that in mind, train your servers to up-sell. This will help you to make more profits along with increasing the number of happy customers. Make it a rule to teach your servers the basics of up-selling. This can include giving a delectable description of different dishes as well as letting them know about your range of exclusive wines. This will create an impression that you have a bunch of servers who are knowledgeable. Apart from benefiting the restaurants, a good up-selling can lead to get more tips for your servers too.

A good competition whether from a new restaurant or from an already existing one, is always going to keep you on toes. So you will always have an urge to do better and during the process, you will grow to become one in the renowned restaurants of town.

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