Trending Restaurant Technology: A Review of OpenTable Reservation Software

Taking reservations at your restaurant used to be somewhat of a task. You answer the phone, take down a name, time, the party quantity, and then place it amongst your growing list of reservations. These reservations would often pile up, get lost, or have the wrong information on them, which would lead to frustrated customers demanding what went wrong with their reservation. Times have changed, and the latest restaurant technology has made taking reservations as simple as checking your inbox. Reservation software solutions, such as OpenTable, give consumers the convenience to reserve a table at one of the 27,000 restaurants that use the OpenTable software with a simple click of a mouse. Here we will take a look at how OpenTable works, and how both consumers and restaurants are seeing benefits from this restaurant reservation software.

How OpenTable Works 

OpenTable is essentially an electronic reservation book for restaurants, which takes the place of the tradition pen and paper reservation method. Their hardware includes touch-screen technology and their software gives restaurants the ability to manage reservations, assign tables, recognize repeat diners, and remember a customer’s preferences all in real-time. Restaurants pay a one-time installation fee along with a monthly fee of $199 for the subscription, which includes OpenTable’s software, upgrades and customer support. Consumers can then go to OpenTable’s website to find participating restaurants that are using the software to book a reservation. They can also go to the restaurant’s website and book a reservation there, which is still run by OpenTable.

The Benefits

Restaurants are always looking to the latest technology to help benefit their business, which is why restaurants have turned to OpenTable’s software to help their restaurant grow. This software gives consumers the convenience to book a reservation with ease and without charge, which is good business for restaurants that are looking to expand their customer base. The real-time software lets restaurants know exactly what tables they have open, how many reservations they have, and if any reservations have been canceled, which gives them the opportunity to fill those tables instantly. Consumers see the most benefits from using this easy-to-book system by not only being able to reserve a table for free, but also by earning dining points every time you book a reservation through OpenTable’s website. These dining points can be added up and turned into discounts on your bill at participating restaurants.

Consumers enjoy dining out without having to wait to be seated. This is where reservation software such as OpenTable can make this process easy. Instead of dealing with unhappy customers due to a lost reservation or internal miscommunication, restaurants have turned to OpenTable or a similar solution to streamline the reservation process.