Have you ever wanted to create your own website? Not sure where to start or how to go about it. Then maybe this article can help you and point you in the right direction. There are a few ways that you can create your own website.  We think that the best two ways are to use a website builder or sign up to a hosting company and use the tools provided by the hosting company to build a website.

Building A Website Using A Website Builder

If you would like to build a website using a website builder you should always try to find a free trial website builder rather than a free website builder.

Using A Free Website Builder

Why not use a free website builder, after all why pay when its free?  As you start to build your website with a free website builder you will soon see that you are limited. As you build and require extra features you will be asked to upgrade, this is how they have catch you. What you thought was free is not. You now end up paying and each time you need more features it costs more.

If you have already done a lot of work on your website you will end up paying that extra money every month. So if you are using a free website builder, please before you start adding content and doing a lot of work see what features you have, if you need more features see how much it is to upgrade. Then look around at other ways to build your site before making the final decision.

Using A Free Trial Website Builder

A free trail website builder lets you try all the features the website builder has for free for a certain amount of time possible; about 30 days. This way you get to see exactly what the website builder has before spending any money. Some just let you sign up, and don’t require any credit or bank card details. If after the time period you don’t like it they don’t have any of your billing information so you won’t be charged.

One free trial website builder that we recommend to create a website with is Easysite. You start for free and have 30 days to try all the features.  You get a free domain, reliable fast hosting, shopping cart software and website builder.  Learn here how to create a website using Easysite.

If you need any help you will find the online support team at Easysite ready to help. You can even call them and they will call you back and help you set-up your website.

Web Hosting

Another way is to find a web hosting company and sign up. There are different packages but maybe start with a cheaper package and as your site grows or if you have more than one website on the package you can upgrade.

Most web hosting company’s offer a free domain name when you sign up. Just be careful when going this way. Make sure that if you decide to leave they will release the domain name to a domain registrar of your choice for free. You don’t want them to keep you hostage by not releasing your domain or charging you hundreds of dollars.

You do get an option when signing up to the web hosting company to add a domain you already own so you could purchase a domain from a registrar like GoDaddy and add that domain when asked to do so. This would mean that you have full control over your own domain name.

Once you pay for the hosting you will get your own C-panel. This is where you can download and install WordPress onto your hosting account. Its normally done with a one click installation so its not difficult.


WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS).  Once installed anyone can create a website and add pages and posts and fill the pages and posts with content. No coding or web design knowledge required.

Free Themes

There are literary thousands of free and payed WordPress themes to choose from. You can either use a free or payed theme to get the features and look you want. Themes are quick and easy to install and activate.

Extra Features

If you are looking for extra features you just search for the feature you want and then download and install the plugin with the feature. This will add that feature to your WordPress site. This means that someone just like you with no coding or web design knowledge can get just about any feature you want on your site.

WordPress is used my millions of people, and this means that if you need help all you have to do is search what you are looking for and you are bound to find the answer. The WordPress community is very helpful.

WordPress is properly one of the best ways that a person wanting to build a website can build it. You do not need to waste a lot of money with a web design company when you can do it yourself. Hosting will cost you less than $5.00 a month so all you need is a little time and WordPress.


What You Need To Make A Website?

Domain Name

You will need a domain name. This will be your website address and how people will find your website. A domain name should have your main keyword in and you should be able to tell what the website is about when reading it.


Hosting is a bunch of computers that are connected to the internet. Where your website files will be stored in the form of web pages. When someone searches the internet and finds your files they will be able to see them in the form of web pages.

Website Builder

A website builder is used to build  and code websites and upload files to the hosting account. A website builder does all the coding so that people with no coding knowledge can learn how to create their own website in a few easy steps.

Building a website is not easy, but it is also a necessity in this age. If you are starting a business this should be at the top of your list of to-do’s. Individual people are not using websites to promote themselves as better candidates when applying to jobs. The skill of creating your own website will take you far, and impress a lot of people. With the above free of cost mediums, your own website should be as good as created.