To make the most of their time and budget, busy families have to keep track of what they need in the simplest and most efficient way possible. From that perspective, what is a family really? It’s essentially a small business, constantly purchasing food and other consumable items on a regular basis. And anything that helps a family transition from the difficult manual processes of keeping track, purchasing and re-ordering also helps businesses like offices, hair salons, bars and restaurants.

GeniCan, a small device that adds barcode scanning and voice recognition to your existing garbage can or recycle bin, was an epiphany on the part of my co-founder, Rob Griffin, and the result of a lifetime of coming up with ideas to help solve the problems of families and businesses. While on a conference call from work, Rob received a text message from his wife, “I’m at the grocery store, can you please text me a picture of the grocery list?” As you know, it’s not always easy to stop what you’re doing to take a picture of the grocery list. The real epiphany came while watching his young son recycle a bottle of ketchup. That’s when it hit him: what could he do to get EVERYONE in the house to participate in the creation of the grocery list?

unspecified-1So, what does GeniCan mean for families and businesses? On-demand reordering. Just ran out of ketchup? Scan the UPC as you put it in the recycle bin and it’s added to your purchase list automatically. Set that ketchup up for automatic delivery and it will ship immediately when you scan it. Now you’ve saved time on two processes: creating the list and re-ordering the product. How long did it take? Three seconds. This is how we are revolutionizing the way businesses shop.

This has implications for businesses and families alike. How much more efficient would your restaurant be if anyone who used up an item could add it to a shared list instantly while throwing it away or recycling it?

And this is just the beginning. The near-future is already being shaped. Simply disposing of an item will trigger a series of automated tasks all designed to save your restaurant time and money. To take the chore out of maintaining your inventory, Frictionless Inventory Management will be used to predict what your restaurant needs automatically. To help combat the ever-rising cost of food, restaurants will pool together orders to increase their purchasing power and get discounts from vendors. To solidify connections with the community, local drivers will deliver fresh ingredients from local farms. All of this will be set in-motion simply by disposing of items you’ve used.


When thinking about what we need we rarely look to the garbage can or recycle bin, but tracking what leaves our homes and businesses is the best way to keep things running smoothly. Adding automation to this chain is a boon to families and businesses alike. Change the way you look at that garbage can. Change the way you think about the recycle bin. This is not waste at all. It’s opportunity. It’s efficiency. These are your new go-to locations for saving time and saving money.


Dave Pestka, Co-Founder of GeniCan