What do Customers Look for in Fast Food Restaurants?

The age old perception of fast food restaurants being the hub for cheap, on-the-go food has evolved into a new persona as fast food chains strive harder than ever to listen to their customer’s demands for healthy, unique, and customizable menu options. CBS MoneyWatch claims that these efforts seem to be paying off for such fast food chains that are taking the time to listen, as heeding to their customers’ desires has ultimately proven to increase their bottom line.

When it comes to winning over customers with your menu offerings, you must pay close attention to recent food trends. You must also take into consideration how customers in 2015 define their ‘ideal’ fast food restaurant. Serving what it is that your potential customers crave, presented in a creative way, is the only way to stay relevant in the fast food industry. This may be a first step to potentially drive traffic and boost sales.

Give Them What They Want!

Listening to your customer demands is the most effective way to win over customers, both old and new. As times change so must your business plan and your menu. When it comes to the fast food restaurant game, competition is sharp and not listening to customers is a surefire way to push them right past your door and onto the next fast food restaurant.

So what is it that fast food consumers find appealing in fast food restaurants? What attracts them to one over the other as they pass through a smorgasbord of many offerings day in and day out, many while on their brief 30-minute lunch break? Without further ado, here are the top things customers are looking for in a fast food restaurant.

  • Affordability – Pumping up your value menu is a great way to get folks in the door even when they are trying to pinch pennies. There is just something about a good deal that is hard to resist when you have just enough money in your wallet, are exhausted from a long day, and would rather not spend an hour figuring out dinner. Lure customers in with delicious low-priced menu items and watch your consumer base build. Offering $1 and $2 menu items is a great way to attract attention as such items seem so affordable. However, generally speaking, customers tend to order more items for this reason ultimately driving up their final bill in the end.
  • Efficiency – It is called “fast food” for a reason, and this is the reason that many customers choose fast food restaurants. So make sure you are staying true to your genre, delivering speedy quality meals in an efficient manner.
  • Quality – Speaking of quality, in today’s society, customers are looking for healthier items – the ones that will fill them up in a nutritious way for less money. For example, gluten-free options, chickens raised without using antibiotics, and low-carb options, just to name a few. Offering a variety of trending health conscious menu items is a great method to pick up new health conscious customers.
  • Atmosphere – Though it is “fast food,” some customers prefer to come inside to order, or even prefer to sit down to eat. Many times, the interior design of a fast food restaurant is not the first priority. However, in the year 2015, a dated atmosphere can truly shrink your bottom line. Do your customers, and ultimately yourself, a favor and spruce things up a bit! A fast food restaurant is still a restaurant and you shouldn’t forget about using interior design to reflect your brand.

The point here is to listen. Listen to what your customers want, and they will keep coming back for more. Listen to what other restaurant’s clientele wants, add it to your menu in a more affordable and efficient manner and their customers will come to you too. Never underestimate the power of pleasing your guests because it’ll pay off in the long run.