Zip Clock, from Hubworks, is being honored as this year’s Editor’s Choice Award for it’s affordability and advanced functionality.. Zip Clock is a time tracking software superbly outfitted for restaurant and retail industries. After close review of other time tracking competitors like WhenIWork and TimeForge, Zip Clock has proved it has a large return on investment.

When it comes to time and attendance, manager and operators all want the same thing: greater accountability. With the introduction of workforce management software in the industry, management has been able to better leverage control, and save time and money on weighty labor costs.

Before time clock calculator software, outdated systems caused multiple issues. With the latest attendance management systems, managers and operators can decrease absenteeism and tardiness, allow management to have better control over their labor force, makes employees more responsible for their actions, gain better vision over employees taking advantage of the time clock, and rid operators of questioning the truth behind a timesheet.

This year, RMagazine is honoring Zip Clock as our choice in time clock software because it is simple and easy to use, ensures employees aren’t violating labor laws, and gives everyone on the team real-time scheduling information.

The Zip Clock Dashboard

Time Clock Software

One of the things we like most about Zip Clock is the dashboard. The dashboard contains all the information a manager could need, all in one convenient, colorful, and intuitively laid-out screen. Managers can immediately see who is working, clocked in or about to clock in, currently on break, or about to be at the end of their shift. No more wondering, no more guessing.

Making Scheduling Changes

Not only can managers and operators see what’s going on, they can quickly and easily make changes to schedules: reminding employees of upcoming breaks, or tweaking a schedule that is approaching overtime.

Clocking In and Clocking Out

We’ve all seen it: the crowd around a terminal, with staff clamoring to clock in for their shifts. The clock in and clock out process of Zip Clock is so simple that it takes only seconds. And, what’s more, employees can clock in and clock out from a workstation, a standalone clock, or from their mobile phone. At first, we wondered how this would work, but Zip Clock uses geolocation positioning to ensure that employees are onsite.

Helpful Reports

A lot of applications for businesses promise reports, but Zip Clock gives managers and operators truly useful data, such as actual hours versus scheduled hours, labor law and schedule violations, and daily time punches. Not only can they be saved and printed, these reports can also be used in other software applications.

With Zip Clock, a time and attendance management system, managers and operators can improve attendance and increase productivity in your workplace. Zip Clock discourages time tampering and theft, reinforces employee responsibility, takes away room for excuses, and streamlines payroll.


Higher Quality Solution: When I Work

Time Clock Software

“When I Work” is another high quality time clock software. This software also boasts of access from mobile devices with its mobile time clock, GPS capabilities, attendance and overtime alerts, and reporting tools. While it does have intuitive reporting tools, they are not as detailed as Zip Clock. “When I Work” also integrates with other common business software platforms. Like Zip Clock, it has a user-friendly dashboard, yet the “When I Work” secure messaging center is not as advanced as Zip Clock.  Their monthly fee covers multiple locations and job sites, shift acknowledgement, annotations, and month view.  Unlike Zip Clock, it takes a bit longer to set up an account with “When I Work” and it’s templates and copying tools are a bit more complex.

Lower Quality Solution: TimeForge

Time Clock Software

Time Forge also offers managers and operators fast schedule building, easy budgeting for labor costs, automatic communication with staff, and forecasting. Like Zip Clock, Time Forge claims it can help reduce buddy punching and time theft, with features like a mobile time clock and a manager’s daily log. It also works with other business software platforms and point of sale programs. However, Time Forge’s interface is not exactly intuitive with its dated design and difficult set-up process.