There are so many food holidays in a year and with a little creativity here and there, any restaurant owner or manager can attract more customers and boost sales by taking advantage of the window of opportunity availed by these food holidays. food-holidays-to-capitalize-on-this-october
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Food Holidays to Capitalize on this October

One of the tactics restaurants, including large franchises like Applebee's, are using to stay relevant is to take full advantage of national food holidays to attract and retain customers.
Seeing that October is already here, here are some of the remaining food holidays you could capitalize on or take advantage of to promote your brand-
October 8th National Fluffernutter Day
A fluffernutter is a sandwich made from marshmallow creme, peanut butter, and white bread; it is believed to have been invented in the early 1900s.
October 9th National Moldy Cheese Day
Eating moldy cheese might sound like a strange thing to do, but there are people who enjoy the flavor. Moldy Cheese Day is celebrated worldwide.
October 10th National Tic Tac Day
Tic Tacs have been around for more than half a century and are now widely available across the globe. October 10th is also National Angel Food Cake Day.
October 11th National Sausage Pizza Day
Americans love pizza, and, judging by the name, it is obvious that they like it when topped with sausage too.
October 12th National Gumbo Day
Gumbo is Louisiana State's official cuisine. It typically consists of meat or shellfish, strongly flavored stock, and seasoned vegetables. Come October 12, the nation will be joining Louisiana in celebrating National Gumbo Day. Pumpkin Pie Day also happens to fall on October 12th.
October 13th National Peanut Festival
Several food holidays and festivals are observed on October 13th, and they include, the National Peanut Festival, National Pumpkin Festival, Yorkshire Pudding Day, and National M&M Day.
October 14th National Dessert Day
October 14th is a day which witnesses many Americans indulge in their favorite desserts. It is important to note that National Dessert Day is not the same as Eat an Extra Dessert Day.
October 15th National Red Wine Day
National Red Wine Day is definitely not a day to abuse this grape-based alcoholic drink; it is all about appreciating the wine by drinking responsibly. Another food holiday observed on October 15th is National Mushroom Day.
October 16th National World Food Day
This food holiday is celebrated all over the world and is dedicated to fighting global hunger. National Liquor Day also happens to fall on October 16th.
October 17th National Pasta Day
It is estimated that around 6 billion pounds of pasta are consumed in America each year. It is, therefore, not surprising that pasta has been assigned a special day.
October 18th - Chocolate Cupcake Day
Chocolate cupcakes could be the most appreciated cupcakes in America. Chocolate Cupcake Day is, therefore, one of the most looked-forward-to food holidays in the U.S.
October 19th - National Seafood Bisque Day
Bisque is a delightful, highly seasoned soup of French origins. National Seafood Bisque Day is quite popular with seafood lovers because bisque is made with an assortment of seafood.
October 20th - National Brandied Fruit Day
Brandy is popular as a cocktail and also as a cooking ingredient. Come October 20th, it will be used to soak sweet fruit and sugar to produce the celebrity of the day brandied fruit!
October 21st - National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
With pumpkin being the unofficial flavor of October, it is obvious that pumpkin cheesecakes are not the only pumpkin-flavored treats that are going to be enjoyed come October 21st.
October 22nd - National Nut Day
Nuts are highly nutritious and can be transported from one place to another quite easily. Come October 22nd, nut lovers in America will get an opportunity to celebrate and possibly indulge in this snack.
October 23rd National Boston Cream Pie Day
Boston Cream Pie is Massachusetts' official pie, but come October 23rd, the entire nation will come together to celebrate this yellow, custard-filled butter cake topped with chocolate glaze.
October 25th National Greasy Foods Day
Greasy foods may not be among the healthiest food choices out there, nonetheless, Americans will still get an opportunity to savor some greasy goodness on October 25th.
October 26th National Pumpkin Day
October 26th presents yet another opportunity to celebrate and savor the unofficial flavor of the season pumpkin. It also happens to be National Mincemeat Day.
October 27th American Beer Day
This is a holiday that has been dedicated to beer lovers across the nation. As it is also National Potato Day, potato enthusiasts can also celebrate by indulging in this highly versatile, starchy vegetable.
October 28th National Chocolate Day
Each year, it is estimated that Americans consume around 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate. On October 28th, the nation will celebrate National Chocolate Day, which is not the same as International Chocolate Day.
October 29th National Oatmeal Day
Oatmeal is among America's preferred breakfast foods. October 29th has been set aside to celebrate this highly versatile grain, but oats also seem to have earned themselves a full month of celebration in January.
October 30th National Candy Corn Day
Candy corn has over the years grown to be among the must-have Halloween treats. This corn syrup-based sweet is celebrated nationally the day before Halloween.
October 31st National Caramel Apple Day
October 31st is Halloween, but it also happens to be National Caramel Apple Day. Caramel apples are simply apples dipped in hot caramel and can feature other toppings.