Raphael Perrier, co-founder of Kahwa Coffee Roaster, has stated that the expansion plan through franchise has been in the works for five years and the timing was right to start expanding.

Kahwa to start franchising

Kahwa Coffee Roasters, the St. Petersburg-based coffee chain, has recently announced that it will be expanding throughout the United States and will start franchising with a focus on Florida first. As per a press release, Raphael Perrier, the co-founder of Kahwa Coffee Roaster, said that their plan is to start franchising in Florida in the first year and then expand to other territories.
Perrier explained that the company took the decision to start franchising first in Florida as it wants to ensure the franchisees are successful as we grow. He added that the expansion plan has been in the works for five years and that the timing was right to start expansion in other cities like Orlando, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, and Naples. The co-founder believes that finding the right partners will help them expand at a faster rate.

Kahwa franchise plans

Kahwa was founded in 2006 by Ralph and Sarah Perrier and now has over 15 corporate-owned locations. Kahwa is also one of the largest independent coffee roasters in Florida and has partnered with over 1,000 wholesalers. The most recent deal was inked with Publix Super Markets.
In recent years, the company has seen an increase in the demand for its coffee and concept in the Tampa Bay Area. After looking at the demand growth, they decided to expand across the United States. "We feel franchising is the best way to expand our business," said Sarah Perrier, co-founder of Kahwa Coffee Roasters. "The decision to expand was also taken to share our experience and success with those who understand our brand and mission," she added.
Perrier added that they have a 16-year track record and the brand is already recognized throughout Florida due to its partnerships with various wholesalers. The co-founder said that franchisees will benefit from Kahwa's knowledge and industry experience. She added that they will also benefit from our unique programs and will be able to compete with anyone.
Kahwa plans to provide franchisees with an in-depth training program at the outset of their agreement. The franchisee partner will get hands-on coaching and education at a corporate store and also at a new franchise store. The company will provide ongoing support and training throughout the course of ownership.

Kahwa’s store plans for 2022

Apart from franchising, the company is also looking at opening new stores in 2022. The first store, which opened this year, is located in a former Starbucks location in front of a Total Wine store. The location has a drive-thru and indoor and outdoor seating. The location's food and beverage menu will have Kahwa's signature coffee drinks, canned beverages, teas, and breakfast food items like egg bites and pastries. The store will also have baked goods sourced from popular local vendors like Pop Goes the Waffle. The store will also carry Kahwa's freshly roasted coffee, which customers can brew at home, and merchandise.
The Perriers are also excited about opening the second location, which will use only repurposed shipping containers to create a drive-thru store. But the novelty of the construction has led to many delays, and it will be one of the first of its kind in St. Petersburg. "It's been a challenge to ensure that the permits are done," said Perrier. She hopes that the new drive-thru will be open by Christmas.
The full structure will have three interconnecting containers, and there will also be a walk-up counter and outdoor seating. The new location will also have Kahwa's entire range of coffee and will serve other drinks as well as baked goods, snacks, and sandwiches.
The company is also considering drive-thrus at two new locations in the Tampa Bay area and plans to open stores in Orlando and Lakeland.

Kahwa’s recent moves

Kahwa Coffee Roasters is ensuring that the plans to expand via franchising will have a smooth run and has thus launched an order-ahead app. Sarah Perrier said that the new mobile app will also benefit the franchisees, as it will be able to compete with anyone in the coffee sector of Restaurant Industry.
Customers can order their favorite brew with just a few clicks and get rewarded, as the app has a loyalty program that awards free coffee and other goodies to regulars who can't stay without their daily dose of caffeine. Customers can score a free breakfast sandwich just for signing up. The app can be downloaded from the Apple and Google Play Store.
Apart from launching an app to help with the expansion plans, Kahwa's is also looking to be involved in the Tropicana Field redevelopment in 2022.
The company also has plans to be involved in the arts community. The company is working on a "fun project" in partnership with the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance. Sarah Perrier said Kahwa will be working with local artists to produce commemorative coffee containers, and a part of the proceeds will be used to help local artists via a fund created by the Arts Alliance.

Kahwa and its co-founders

Raphael Perrier and his wife, Sarah, founded Kahwa in 2006, but the two had a much earlier start as coffee wholesalers, with Raphael having worked as a barista in the past. They chose to call their brand Kahwa as it is similar to the Arabic name, Qawah, and also because coffee was discovered in Ethiopia's Kaffa region more than 1,000 years ago.
The Perriers' business grew along with the ever-growing demand for coffee in the United States. They have kept up with market trends and have added canned coffee staples, Nitro and cold brew, to their range of coffee.
Kahwa is also focused on growing its online ordering options with a subscription service that ships coffee to customers' homes every 30, 45, or 60 days. Kahwa was also hit by the pandemic and had to close down five cafes as the company's revenues plunged by 70%. The company had more than $10 million in annual sales, with revenues growing around 20% year-over-year before the pandemic.
As the world slowly opens up, the Perriers are planning on expanding by opting for the beverage and Food Franchise route.

Kahwa’s coffee roasting

Kahwa is now one of Florida's top independent coffee roasters and has partnered with over 1,000 wholesalers to stock their coffee on their shelves. The company blends 100% premium quality Arabica beans selected from different origins and then roasted on an Ambex machine in their St. Petersburg main location to produce a complex flavor. Each blend is roasted and packaged on demand, and on a typical day, more than 1,000 pounds of coffee are roasted. From roasting the beans to bagging the coffee, Kahwa does everything in-house. The bean roasting never stops, as most of the time, they have a week's worth of stock on hand.
Kahwa's central command bunker also has a model training facility, which is identical to its cafe setups, and the new staff is trained by award-winning barista Jess Gadreau to be well-versed in the art of latte.

Know more about Kahwa

Kahwa Coffee Roasting Company is a retail and wholesale coffee company founded by Sarah and Raphael Perrier in 2006 in St. Petersburg. Kahwa saw growth in its wholesale customer base in 2008 after its coffee was selected by renowned French chef Paul Bocuse for his Chefs de France restaurant in Epcot. Kahwa also opened its first retail cafe in 2008 with the aim of creating a community meeting place with personalized customer service. The company now has more than 15 retail locations and over 1,000 wholesale customers and is now also looking at expanding its customer base along with expansion via Franchise Management.