Paris Baguette’s French-inspired baked goods and desserts are taking America by storm. The South Korean bakery chain has announced expansion plans, and you might soon find one in your neighborhood. what-is-paris-baguette
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What is Paris Baguette?

Paris Baguette is a global bakery chain owned by the South Korean food company SPC Group, which also owns hospitality brands such as Paris Croissant, Caffe Pascucci, Jamba Juice, and Shake Shack, among others. They entered the US market in 2005 and currently operate over a hundred bakery cafes across 14 states. The neighborhood cafe has caught the fancy of Americans with its expertly crafted baked and brewed delicacies and gracious service.

The brand quickly became the largest food-focused coffee chain in South Korea and operates roughly 4,000 locations globally. While most of its stores are based in its native market, Paris Baguette has 430 stores in the US, China, Vietnam, and Singapore.

The brand is looking to expand to 40 new locations by the end of the year, making it one of the fastest-growing franchises in the United States at the moment. what-are-paris-baguettes-expansion-plans-in-the-us
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What are Paris Baguette’s expansion plans in the US?

Paris Baguette currently operates in 14 states, and its popularity among customers, impressive growth, and interest from franchise partners have pushed the brand to strengthen its foothold in the country. According to reports, Paris Baguette is now on a mission to increase its national footprint in top-tier markets with a twofold strategy of corporate-owned and franchise locations. Franchise agreements have been signed across 25 states, and the brand envisions the opening of 96 bakery cafes by 2023 and a whopping 1,000 locations by 2030. what-sets-paris-baguette-apart-from-its-competitors
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What sets Paris Baguette apart from its competitors?

In an industry plagued by supply chain challenges, rising food and operational costs, as well as rapidly evolving customer expectations, Paris Baguette has been able to hold its own and outperform its competitors. Many attribute their success to the bakery's quality products and affable, welcoming environment.

Perhaps these reasons enabled the brand to witness year-over-year system-wide sales growth of 42% and comparable sales increases of 31% this year. In addition to this, their traffic counts saw a rise of 28% over 2021. In its press release, Paris Baguette puts this positive growth down to its commitment to its customers as well as the recent brand redesign, which it believes has resonated deeply with guests and franchisees alike.

"The next two years will mark a turning point in the development of the Paris Baguette brand as we see immense growth and reestablish the bakery cafe as the heart of each community we serve," said Pete Bell, Chief Marketing Officer, Paris Baguette, USA, adding, "With the reimagined cafe experience and all-encompassing brand strategy, our bakery cafes will become more than just a stop for coffee and croissants but a pillar of the community through charitable programs, moments of joy, and guests' favorite meals." what-is-paris-baguettes-global-footprint
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What is Paris Baguette’s global footprint?

It isn't just in the United States; Paris Baguette has shown immense promise in other parts of the globe too. The food company has been in pursuit of international markets for over a year. It entered the Cambodian market in June 2021 and announced plans to enter the United Kingdom and Malaysia earlier this year. The brand also outlines a strategy for the highly competitive bakery and pastry market in France.

Additionally, it has planned to build a $30 million bakery distribution center in Malaysia to bolster its growth in the Southeast Asia region and future markets in the Middle East. The brand's parent company acquired the hugely popular French bakery and coffee chain LINA's this year and plans to grow the brand across North America and Southeast Asia. what-to-expect-from-their-new-strategy-for-franchise-development
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What to expect from their new strategy for franchise development?

Paris Baguette's plans for increasing its global footprint, as well as establishing a stronger foothold in the US bakery sector, are supplemented with strategies such as a complete overhaul of its coffee program. This includes new packaging, a novel made-to-order standardization process, as well as a state-of-the-art store prototype that allows customers a peak into the ongoings of the kitchen.

"The prototype highlights what our primary focuses are, which are staying true to our roots, making the highest possible quality cakes, and presentation and display," says Nick Scaccio, Vice President, Operations. how-does-paris-baguette-empower-franchisees
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How does Paris Baguette empower franchisees?

Paris Baguette aims to empower franchises with their streamlined operational models and commitment to quality artisanship. Their artisan bakers, cake makers, and baristas are essentially the foundation of this venture, and it's all done in a cost-effective manner! They hope to take this philosophy to their franchisees along with unwavering support, be it site selection, supply chain assistance, or local marketing, to ensure they, too, taste success.

A recent franchisee with Paris Baguette in New Jersey, Andy Mohtaram, says, "We have been working closely with the team as we gear up for the opening, and they've been very supportive," adding, "We just signed a lease, and I am starting to work with an architect, designer, and a real estate team." Mohtaram hopes to expand across New Jersey and open at least three or four more Paris Baguette stores in the United States.

With expansion-minded franchisees like Mohatram, Paris Baguette's takeover of the Restaurant Coffee-bakery market in the United States seems inevitable. "We want the brand to re-establish the neighborhood bakery cafe in every community, and qualified entrepreneurs like Ardy Mohtaram are helping us do that," said Mark Mele, Chief Development Officer.

The total investment for a franchise with Paris Baguette ranges from $528,270 to $1,638,554, including a $50,000 franchise fee. For more information, please visit //

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