A first responder is a specially trained individual whose duty is to respond or provide assistance during emergencies, such as terrorists attacks and natural disasters. First responders are usually the first helpers to arrive at emergency scenes.

The Dickey Foundation, formerly known as Barbecue, Boots and Badges, has expanded its mission in supporting first responders in communities across the nation.

This foundation sets out to provide financial opportunities, safety equipment and overall support for local first responders. Although its reach is national, the efforts are extremely local and supports several programs, including Invest in a Vest, Barbecue, Boots & Badges and an unnamed program which will provide breathing equipment to firefighters.

This year, the Foundation provided ballistic vests to the Dallas Police Department and the Princeton Fire Department as well as feeding millions of folks that were affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston. In addition, The Dickey Foundation hosted its inaugural benefit concert in May of 2018 which resulted in raising $100,000 for local first responders.

“The Dickey Foundation was created to support the brave men and women who risk their lives every day to ensure their communities safety,” says Maurine Dickey, Founder of The Dickey Foundation. “Our goal is to continuously give first responders and their families the necessary support to ensure their safety and success in the communities they serve.”

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