Advertising is important for all types of businesses, but for restaurants, it is indispensable, to say the least.

Restaurant Raves is a national restaurant review advertising directory site that maintains a unique perspective on what it provides for its clients. Although the public has been trained to believe these sites are there to serve them, the truth is, the public is not the one paying for advertising.

Restaurant Raves has a different view. Its loyalty stays 100% with their paying clients, the restaurant owner. The platform is for restaurant owners to get exposure, to showcase their menus, images, logo, videos and their reviews. Yes, it is at the discretion of the restaurant owner to post the reviews that come in to their profile page. What other industry takes money from their client but does nothing to protect the client from bad reviews? Does not first ask the restaurant owner if there is a better way to resolve issues other than jeopardizing their reputations publicly? This seems like a high price to pay for a review that may or may not be legitimate or that may be coming from a disgruntled employee who was fired, or a drunk patron. Indeed, there are many false reviews out there turning an otherwise five- star business into a three-star overnight. They have put owners completely out of business.

Restaurant Raves is in the business of promoting restaurants in the most positive light. This does not include publishing reviews without first being verified by the restaurant owner.

“I like to prove that I care about my client. I don’t do anything that can ruin their reputation,” says Theresa Gadour with Restaurant Raves. “My business is to promote them in the best possible light and give them the platform to manage their advertising affordably.”

Restaurant Raves offers affordable packages. There are currently three packages offered, all under $100/monthly.