Applebees Beer Cheese Copycat Recipe

Applebees Beer Cheese Copycat Recipe

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For the sake of those who don’t know what beer cheese is, let’s start with a brief description. Beer cheese is an appetizer spread that is very popular in Kentucky because that’s where it is believed to have been invented by a chef who was looking to create a unique appetizer spread. The Kentucky Legislature has already decreed Clark County as the origin of beer cheese.

Different versions of the original beer cheese recipe have since spread to different parts of the world. All of these recipes, however, carry the basic ingredients which are beer and cheddar cheese.

If you are wondering what beer cheese tastes like, it’s hard to explain what the spread tastes like. Nonetheless, it has a hint of cheese, beer, and spices. But it is possible to enhance the flavor further with pretzels or crackers.

One doesn’t need a special occasion to have beer cheese. So today well make it Applebee’s style. Enjoy!