Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

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If you are a coffee lover like me, there is a good chance that one of the best coffee experiences you’ve had came from nitro coffee. Perhaps you haven’t heard of nitro coffee and are wondering, “What is this strange drink called nitro coffee?”

Nitro coffee or nitro cold brew coffee(NCB)is a rich and creamy nitrogen-infused coffee. Yes, you read that right, nitrogen-infused, just like Guinness! Maybe you don’t know this but some beers, especially the darker stouts, are usually infused with nitrogen, not carbon dioxide.

Nitro coffee is usually available at the usual coffee joints such as Starbucks, but it is also available in cans at most grocery stores. As it turns out, you can make your own version at home quite easily.

You will only need one special piece of equipment called a whipped cream dispenser – the one that comes with a nitro charger. This kind of whipped cream dispenser can be acquired via Amazon at a relatively inexpensive price.