Waffle House Waffles Copycat Recipe

Waffle House Waffles Copycat Recipe

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If you thought waffles were an American “thing,” you couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, this batter-based thin cake is a Sunday breakfast staple in almost every American household, but it is actually a Belgian culinary specialty.

Today, waffles are eaten in all corners of the world with each region or country having its own recipe. In spite of these recipe variations, the basic ingredients have largely remained the same – flour, eggs, and salt.

Americans seem to prefer freshly made waffles in spite of the fact that store-bought waffles are widely available. These ones (store-bought) are simply heated and eaten as they usually come precooked and frozen.

If you love waffles, there’s no way you haven’t tried Waffle House waffles. Their waffles are, for lack of a better word, simply wonderful. Here is a copycat recipe from this American restaurant chain. OMG! The outcome is so amazing!