Celebrate Halloween with This Bloody Witch Fingers Recipe

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Celebrate Halloween with This Bloody Witch Fingers Recipe

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As October 31 is Halloween, today’s recipe goes hand-in-hand with tonight’s celebrations. While the outcome of making Bloody Halloween Witch Fingers is downright creepy, just like the recipe’s name, they’re still scary delicious.


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How to Make Bloody Witch Fingers for Halloween

Halloween is finally here and you can bet we have a spooky, creepy, and scary good recipe that will make your family or guests shiver. Before we get into that, let’s take a brief look at the history of this well-loved national holiday.

The term Halloween technically means “saints evening” or “hallows evening.” Hallows refers to saints and it is during this time that the dead, especially the saints, martyrs, and other faithful departed, are remembered.

However, the earliest traces of Halloween celebrations are believed to be strongly connected to Celtic-speaking countries and their beliefs and traditions, particularly their Samhain Festival which involved pagan ceremonies and rituals to connect to the dead.

Pagan Halloween activities included things like mirror gazing, apple bobbing, nut roasting, and other divination and dream interpretation rituals.

Today’s Halloween celebrations are, however, more related to the Christian version (hallows/saints evening) than the pagan version.

Celebrate Halloween in a spooky, fun, and delicious way with this Bloody Witch Fingers Recipe