Chili Chicken Soup Recipe

Chili Chicken Soup Recipe

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Chicken soup is flavorful, nourishing, and soothing. It is also light and quite easy on the stomach. This makes it a perfect winter warmer for everybody, including the elderly and children. Learn how to make chili chicken soup to ward off the cold!


Making Chili Chicken Soup at Home

Chicken soup is one of the best sources of nourishment, which is probably why our grandparents and parents still strongly recommend it as a remedy for common infections like the cold, flu, and stomach infections. It is also a great stomach warmer and, therefore, offers an affordable way for families to keep warm this winter.

That’s not all, as it appears chicken soup has medicinal properties too since it is a rich source of an amino acid known as carnosine. Carnosine reduces the symptoms of common respiratory infections like sneezing, coughing, and a runny nose meaning chicken soup is a good remedy for those who suffer from a common cold.

So, if you have a sick person in the house who needs some extra nourishment, or if you just need something to keep your stomachs warm and comfy, chicken soup will do. The following recipe is easy to understand and follow. All you need are the ingredients and sixty minutes of your time. Good luck and enjoy!