Chilis Margarita Grilled Chicken Copycat Recipe

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Chilis Margarita Grilled Chicken Copycat Recipe

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  • 2 Hours, 5 Minutes
  • 4 Servings
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Grilled chicken breast is a great summer favorite in America, whether served in barbeque sauce or plain. This is perhaps because it’s easy to make and is easily available in almost every store whether raw or pre-cooked.

Grilled, skinless chicken breast also happens to be a great addition to any weight loss plan. Eating this meat without skin or breading makes it possible to eat fewer calories without necessarily having to settle for a tasteless alternative. Your daily caloric intake is key in determining how successful you will be in losing weight.

Chili’s restaurant chain happens to be among the few restaurants that make a wonderful grilled chicken, but the price may not be too accommodating for a lot of people. The good thing about their grilled chicken is that their recipes can be cloned at home very easily. Try this one out and see for yourself.