Dairy Queen Ice Cream Copycat Recipe

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Copycat Recipe

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The hot summer days are almost here, and without doubt, Americans will, once again, unite in their profound love for ice cream. So deep is America’s love for ice cream that according to studies, the biggest consumption of ice cream worldwide is in the United States.

It is believed that the average American consumes around 48 pints of this cream-based delicacy per year. More studies show that while Americans are united in their love for ice cream, they just can’t seem to agree on the best flavour. However, vanilla emerges tops as the most popular flavor, followed by chocolate and strawberry flavors.

Today’s recipe is dedicated to one of the most popular brands in America – the Dairy Queen. This brand is well known for a unique type of ice cream known as soft serve ice cream – a softer and less dense type of ice cream that Americans just can’t have enough of. Good luck!