Denny’s Menu Hacks

Denny’s Menu Hacks

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Denny’s was founded in 1953 with its very first store based in California. This full-service dining chain has since grown into more than 1,500 stores. Learn how to make Denny’s Ham and Cheese Omelet at Home using the accompanying recipe. Enjoy!


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Making Denny’s Ham and Cheese Omelet at Home

The truth is that when most Americans think breakfast, they think Denny’s! So, if you are a fan of this widely popular full-service dining chain, what do you love most about the brand? Perhaps it’s the fact that they serve breakfast all day long or maybe it’s because of their Fit Fare menu options? Whatever the case, we can all agree that Denny’s serves a delicious breakfast - and is customizable to the liking of just about anyone!

Now, if you love to cook and also happen to find Dennys’ breakfast items irresistible, we have some great news for you. Here’s the deal, many of their menu items can easily be replicated! Yes, if there’s a particular menu item of theirs you simply cannot have enough of, all you need is to do some digging and you’ll probably be able to make it in the comfort of your own home.

Well, I have been doing some digging myself and just unraveled what exactly goes into the making of one of Dennys’ most popular breakfast items - the Ham and Cheese Omelet! The good thing about this omelet is that it’s very healthy and the ingredients are relatively inexpensive. If you are trying to cut some pounds, this is probably a good choice as it will keep you feeling full for longer and still provide you with the nutrients your body needs to boost metabolism.

Enjoy making this recipe for Denny’s Ham and Cheese Omelet from the comfort of your own home!