Dunkin Donuts Doughnut Copycat Recipe

Dunkin Donuts Doughnut Copycat Recipe

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  • 2 Hours 15 minutes
  • 12 Servings
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According to research, Americans really love doughnuts! When asked why, a good number of pastry enthusiasts in different states claimed that doughnuts have a way of boosting their spirits.

Apparently, more than 50% of the working population bring doughnuts to the workplace, not only for themselves but to share with co-workers as well. In short, a good number of lucky Americans enjoy a doughnut every single day courtesy of their workmates and friends.

Now, for most Americans, doughnuts are not doughnuts enough unless they are Dunkin’ Donuts. In short, with a Dunkin’ Donuts literally available on every other block, it is obvious that the company enjoys an extremely dedicated following across the country.

The company currently offers 52 varieties of doughnuts, but their plain-glazed and chocolate-glazed varieties are apparently their most popular collections. Today’s recipe is an extra special treat for all Dunkin’ Donuts fans who have always longed for homemade doughnuts. Good luck!