Mimi's Cafe French Onion Soup Recipe

Mimi's Cafe French Onion Soup Recipe

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The French-themed Mimi’s Cafe first opened in Anaheim, California in 1978. One of their better-known favorites is the French Market Onion Soup.

One of the best tips for nailing your soup is not to rush it. It takes time to get that incredible onion taste to encompass your broth.

That time is what transforms this soup into a masterpiece. Each mouthful should be the perfect blend of melted cheese, broth, tender onions, and bread (those perfectly moist croutons).

The best part of Mimi’s French Onion Soup is that it comes with a blend of 3 different kinds of cheese!

You’re 90 minutes away from food heaven. Check out the steps below and get cooking.