Gourmet Swiss Mocha Coffee Recipe

Gourmet Swiss Mocha Coffee Recipe

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Gourmet coffee represents the highest quality coffee brands on the market. Arabica beans, considered the very best of the world’s yields, are often used to produce gourmet coffee. In this recipe, we’ll use Arabica beans to make Swiss Mocha coffee. brewing-gourmet-swiss-mocha-coffee-at-home

Brewing Gourmet Swiss Mocha Coffee at Home

When we talk about gourmet coffee, we are referring to coffee made from the finest coffee beans on the market. You are probably wondering, what exactly makes coffee fine or gourmet? This is a good question, especially because many coffee companies tend to refer to their brands as being gourmet even when they obviously aren’t.

Yes, coffee marketers have truly abused the term “gourmet,” but, to keep it short and sweet, gourmet coffee is ideally derived from premium coffee beans.

We have two major types of coffee beans grown around the world, Arabica and Robusta. Arabica beans are prized for their sweet, smooth flavor, but are harder to grow and, therefore, rarer.

On the other hand, Robusta beans are less flavorful (bitter and a bit harsh) but are easier to grow. Most brands on the market are actually Robusta blends. Considering this, it goes without saying that gourmet or high-quality coffee comes from Arabica beans.

To help keep you warm on a cold day, or jumpstart your day on a slow morning, we have a gourmet Swiss Mocha coffee recipe for you, which doesn’t involve any complicated machines.

Tip - Purchase a coffee brand that is 100% Arabica. Look over the package, if they type of beans used have not been disclosed, the brand is likely a Robusta blend.