Hot Pastrami Sandwich Recipe

Hot Pastrami Sandwich Recipe

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Pastrami is a processed meat product that can be eaten either hot or cold. Similar to corned beef and other processed meats, pastrami was originally invented as a preservation method. Now, pastrami is enjoyed usually in the form of a hot sandwich. grilling-a-hot-pastrami-sandwich-at-home

Grilling a Hot Pastrami Sandwich at Home

Pastrami can be described as a highly seasoned meat product that is typically served thinly sliced for a sandwich. Thicker slices are preferred when served with vegetables or potatoes.

The production or preparation process of pastrami usually involves curing, drying, seasoning, smoking, and steaming the meat. Therefore, just like bacon, sausage, ham, and corned beef, pastrami can also be considered to be a form of processed meat. Due to this, the protein is somewhat expensive but it is still possible to find it at reasonable prices depending on your locality.

Pastrami comes already cooked and can be served and eaten cold. However, most people enjoy it hot. This recipe is all about hot pastrami - a hot pastrami sandwich to be precise. Enjoy!