How to Make Baked Maine Lobster & Brie Dip at Home

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How to Make Baked Maine Lobster & Brie Dip at Home

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Lobster and cheese have been paired together by chefs and home cooks alike due to their yummy, complimenting flavors! Cheesy lobster dishes have included lobster mac and cheese, grilled cheese, and this delicious Baked Maine Lobster & Brie Dip!

Making Homemade Baked Maine Lobster & Brie Dip

The concept of mixing seafood with cheese has been of some debate among the food community. While people have enjoyed dishes like crab-grilled cheese, lobster mac and cheese, lobster cheese dip, etc., to much acclaim, some don’t particularly enjoy the combination (which is totally okay, we don’t judge, and you can check out our Homemade Baked Stuffed Maine Lobster Tails or Homemade Maine Lobster Paella recipes).

Preparing seafood, to be used whether as an entree or an appetizer, can be a daunting task, which is why many people choose to visit restaurants, like Yard House, Red Lobster, Slapfish, Bonefish Grill and Olive Garden. However, with this recipe, you can make a cheesy lobster dip from the comfort of your own home.

While the dish may sound and look somewhat complicated, this Baked Maine Lobster & Brie Dip can be actually fairly easy to make, especially when using Maine lobster. You can make Baked Maine Lobster & Brie Dip for a potluck party or for a nice and savory dish to simply eat at home. Enjoy!