IHOP Pancake Batter Omelette Copycat Recipe

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IHOP Pancake Batter Omelette Copycat Recipe

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An omelette, sometimes spelt as omelet, can be described as a dish or meal produced from beaten eggs that have been pan-fried with oil or butter. The eggs can either be beaten alone or with a small amount of water, cream, or milk. It is not uncommon for the dish to be folded around vegetables, cheese, meat, mushrooms, and other fillings.

If you’ve been to IHOP for breakfast, you may have noticed that along with their famous pancakes; the brands also happens to make some of the fluffiest omelettes you’ve laid eyes on.

For a long time now, IHOP fans couldn’t seem to figure out the secret behind these astonishingly fluffy omelettes. Fortunately, the secret ingredient is out, and it’s none other than pancake batter.

If you are feeling a bit experimental today, why not try the recipe below? All you need to do is measure out the ingredients correctly, and you’ll be surprised at how much of a good cook you can be. Good luck!