Pineapple Angel Food Cake Recipe

Pineapple Angel Food Cake Recipe

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Refreshing and light, angel food cake, sometimes referred to as angel cake, is typically made with egg whites, flour, and sugar. Shortening and leavening are not used, but a whipping agent can be added. Enjoy this tasty and sweet homemade treat.


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Baking Homemade Pineapple Angel Food Cake

The combination of egg whites, flour, and sugar results in a very light cake, similar to a sponge cake. For this reason, when it comes to slicing this cake, a straight-edged knife should be avoided, as it tends to squash the cake. A serrated knife, however, works well.

Angel cake is believed to have been a great favorite of one of America’s First Ladies, Lucy Webb Hayes, wife of the 19th president of the U.S., Rutherford B. Hayes.

One of the best things about angel food cake is that it is low in calories and, therefore, a good treat for those watching what they eat. Its only disadvantage is that it tends to pack a relatively high sodium content and may not be a good choice for those who need to avoid high sodium levels for various reasons.

This easy-to-make angel food cake features crushed pineapples and should be ready in 45 minutes, inclusive of preparation time. Good luck and enjoy