A & W Root Beer Recipe

A & W Root Beer Recipe

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Did you know A & W created the original Root Beer concoction? This American favorite has been around for almost a century.

When America was no longer able to drink REAL legal beer in 1919 during prohibition, Roy Allen and Frank Wright came up with a solution for thirsty patriots to wet their pallets. 

This sweet, foamy beer-like drink combined root, herbs, and berries and helped Roy and Frank mark their fortunes.

As Prohibition ended in 1933, they had 171 stands emblazoned with the A&W logo all across the country. These roadside stands preluded what we now know as fast food drive-thrus. And, you can find A&W root beer at one of these drive-thrus across North America.

If you want to save the time and copy their famous recipe at home, we’ve copied it for you. Follow the steps we’ve provided below, and you’ll be sipping on your classic Root Beer in no time.