Cheddar's Santa Fe Spinach Dip Recipe

Cheddar's Santa Fe Spinach Dip Recipe

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Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen founded in 1979 by Aubrey Good, and Doug Rodgers is known for their made-from-scratch meals that use quality ingredients.

One of our favorite recipes on the menu is the Santa Fe Spinach Dip Recipe.

What makes this appetizer special is not just the combination of artichoke and spinach but the creamy texture that hits a note with even the most avid foodie. The real kicker is the hint of spice given off by a touch of jalapeno pepper.

Did we forget to mention cheese? Cheddar’s takes it one step further to put this easy to make dish through the roof with their 4-cheese blend. It adds the perfect balance to go with this tasty mix of ingredients.

Find out for yourself what makes this recipe so unique by following the steps we’ve provided to recreate the dish at home.