Simple Sausage Pizza Recipe

Simple Sausage Pizza Recipe

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For most, the only sausage they’ve ever had on their pizza is the usual Italian sausage. However, there are so many sausage varieties out there that can also be used on pizza, such as chicken and beef. Enjoy making your own sausage pizza at home


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Making a Sausage Pizza at Home using a Simple Recipe

Sausage is among the most requested pizza toppings in America. Of course, pepperoni comes first as usual, but sausage comes second, and that is enough proof that Americans adore sausage pizza

Who made the first sausage pizza? Well, the truth is that nobody knows, but sausage on pizza is a tradition that is as old as the pizza itself. In short, sausage has been used as a topping for centuries.

Now, for most Americans, the only sausage they’ve ever had on their pizza is the typical Italian sausage. Besides Italian sausage, there are so many sausage varieties that can be used on pizza, including chicken and beef sausages.

For this particular recipe, be as creative as possible. You may use the classic Italian sausage if you wish but you have the freedom to use any sausage of your choice, so head down to your local deli and ask what they have.

Good luck and enjoy