Smashburger French Onion Burger Copycat Recipe

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Smashburger French Onion Burger Copycat Recipe

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May 28th was National Hamburger Day, and I’m hoping you ate your burger in celebration of America’s favorite food holiday. Talking of America, it is believed that Americans consume about 50 million burgers every year. That means we are each consuming around 3 burgers a week, which translates to a whole lot of beef!

Anyone would, therefore, be forgiven to assume that many of us actually took advantage of May 28th to eat more than our fair share of burgers. No need to worry though, a little indulgence never hurt anyone.

If you have been to any Smashburger location, you will agree that they make some of the most delicious burgers money can buy – that are not only tasteful but that are also made fresh to order. But the best thing about their menu items is that most of them are so easy to make at home. Here is a copycat recipe of their French onion burger.