Taco Johns Potato Ole's Seasoning Copycat Recipe

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Taco Johns Potato Ole's Seasoning Copycat Recipe

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Do you know that potatoes are the world’s 4th largest food crop? According to historical records, the largest potato ever grown weighed in at 7 pounds, I ounce. History also has it that in the year 1974, one Englishman actually produced 30 pounds of potatoes from a single plant!

And that’s not all – statistics show that the average American consumes 124 pounds of potatoes every year. If you are thinking 124 pounds is way too much for one person, you haven’t read anything yet – the average German is believed to consume a whole 240 pounds of potatoes every year!

Judging from these statistics, it is obvious that the potato is a well-loved nourishment, not only in America and Europe, in but all corners of the world. This can, perhaps, be attributed to the fact that potatoes are very versatile and can adapt to just about any meal, herb or spice without any issues.

If you are a potato lover, here is a recipe for one of the most loved potato seasoning in America- the Taco John’s Potato Ole’s seasoning. Enjoy!