Warm Winter Sangria Recipe

Warm Winter Sangria Recipe

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Sangria is a fruit-based alcoholic drink or beverage, a punch to be precise. Traditional sangria consists of chopped fruit, red wine, and a host of other ingredients such as brandy and orange juice. It can be served cold or hot. Enjoy the recipe! hot-sangria-recipe

Hot Sangria Recipe

“Sangaree,” a predecessor drink to what we now know as sangria, likely originated in the West Indies. From there it was brought to America but was not well received. Sangaree was, however, reintroduced as sangria, an iced drink, in the late 1940s to much acclaim and popularity.

Sangria is believed to be a corruption of the term “Sangre,” a Spanish word that means blood. This is in reference to the red color of the drink. When it comes to its origins, very little is known, though the term “sangria” is believed to date back to the 18th century.

Even though sangria is generally served cold, being that it is winter, why not make a warm version of this lavish, fruity drink? I promise it’s the perfect drink to keep you feeling warm and cheerful this evening.

Good luck and enjoy this warm, fruity, and delicious drink!